What We Offer

Occupational Health and Safety

•OHS Manager/Supervisory Training
•SHE Rep Training
•Emergency Coordinator Training
•Basic Fire Fighting Training
•First Aid Level 1-3 Training
•Risk Assessor Training
•HIRA Training
•Incident and Accident Investigation Training
•Hazardous Chemicals Handling Training
•HIV/AIDS Awareness Training
•Legal Liability and OHS Act Training
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Lifting Equipment

•Forklift Training
•Overhead Crane Training
•Truck Mounted Crane Training
•Truck Mounted Loader Crane Training
•Mobile Crane Training
•Tower Crane Training
•Reach Truck Training
•Stacker Training
•Cherry Picker (MEWP) Training
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Soft Skills

•Customer Relations
•Use Language and Communication in Occupational Learning Programs
•Presentaion and Writing Skills
•Business Writing Skills
•Apply Basic Business Principles
•Handle Crime Situation
•Personal/Business Financial Planning Training
•Problem Solving Skills
•Mathematical Literacy Training
•Office Administration Training
•Planning Career Path Development Skills
•Teamwork Skills
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Products Services

•First Aid Kit
•Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
•Health and Safety Signage
•Fire Extinguishers
•Firefighting Equipment
•Safety Files
•Emergency Evacuation Plans
•Emergency Evacuation Drills
•OHS Assessment
•OHS Meetings
•Emergency Alarms
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Driver Training

•Advanced Driver Training (Offensive/Defensive)
•4x4 Driver Training
•Rigid Light Vehicle Training
•Rigid Heavy Vehicle Training
•Combination Vehicle Training
•Load General Freight Training
•Planned Road Transport Service Delivery Training
•Conveying Dangerous Goods by Road
•Commuter Services Training
•Long Distance Coach/Bus Services Training
•Tour Coach Services
•K53 License Preparation

About The Assessment Zone

The Assessment Zone was established in February 2014 by industry leader, Phillip Thompson. It was re-branded in 2019 to keep up with the growing demand for training and occupational health and safety compliance.

The Assessment Zone is a service provider, offering a comprehensive range of training and services, aimed at empowering people in various economic sectors in South Africa.

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